Wordego Team

Task Force

We believe smart minds are imperative to ad tech and we love working in a team that shares this approach. Behind Wordego, there's an interdisciplinary team of executives, engineers, and marketers, with a very strong educational background and extensive experience in advertising technology.

Okan co-founded Wordego and as CEO leads the company’s strategic, executive and managerial efforts. His 22 years of executive management experience includes working as a Business Development Manager for French Chamber of Commerce (1997-1998), CEO for Imerys Minerals (1998-2006), CEO for Esen Minerals (2006-2010), and CEO for Steno Energy (2011-2012). Okan holds a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Galatasaray University, an MBA from Sorbonne University and a PhD degree in Finance & Banking from Kadir Has University.

Rumeysa co-founded Wordego and as CMO leads the company’s marketing and sales activities. Her 16 years of operational and financial management experience includes working as a Finance Coordinator at BMT Mining & Trading (2004-2019). Rumeysa holds a BS in International Relations from Uludag University and an MSc degree in Marketing from New York University.

Utku co-founded Wordego and as CTO leads the company’s engineering activities. His 16 years of software products designing and developing experience includes working as an Instructor at the Marmara University (2003-2012), Technical Consultant at Yonja Media Group (2006-2008), Head of IT at Ketchup Loyalty Marketing (2014-2015), Senior Product Manager at Via Fone Technologies (2015- 2017), and Senior Product Manager at Kfztelie24 (2018-2019). Utku holds BS and MSc degrees in Business Informatics from Marmara University, and a PhD degree in Informatics from Istanbul University.

Yavuz is a Senior Software Engineer for Wordego, specialized in advertising technology and blockchain based cryptographic software development. Prior to joining the Company in 2017, he worked for 7 years as a Software Engineer and Software Developer for various tech startups in Cyprus and Turkey. Yavuz holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Girne American University.

Nurettin is a Software Engineer for Wordego, specialized in advertising technology and mobile payment systems development. Prior to joining the Company in 2017, he worked for 5 years as a Web Developer for Istanbul Esenyurt University, and on various independent software projects in Azerbaijan and Turkey. Nurettin holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Azerbaijan Technical University.

Serap joined Wordego in 2015 and she leads the Company's customer success management and support activities. Prior to joining the Company, she worked for 4 years as a Business Development Specialist for various digital marketing agencies. Serap holds a BS in Advertising and Marketing from Fatih University.

Bassam is specialized in digital advertising and marketing, and is a well-known management guru in online and offline marketing. Throughout his 42 years career, Bassam leaded strategic management, branding, marketing and advertising departments of many companies in GCC countries and Canada. Bassam holds a BS in Marketing from Kuwait University.

Investors and Advisors

Our investors are an important component of our success with their extensive experience in multi-disciplinary fields. Some of our investors are at the same time members of our Advisory Board, bringing in their professional skills and experiences in finance, growth, and technology.

Erdem is a serial entrepreneur and investor in technology. He has 30 years of executive management, business development and investment experience in software development, web publishing, online advertising, and gaming technology. Erdem holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Bogazici University.


Ozlem is an investment banking specialist active in various fields of capital markets. She is acting as an advisor to a selective number of startups bringing in her 22 years of investment, executive management, and business development experience. Throughout her career, she dealt with companies at all stages; from startup companies at the idea level to mature companies listed in Fortune Global 500. Ozlem holds a BA in Business Administration from Bilkent University.

Gokce is a corporate communications specialist and investor in technology. Throughout her 22 years career, she managed various departments of Is Investment Securities, one of the largest security investment companies in Europe. Gokce holds a BA in Business Administration from Hacettepe University.





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