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Remarketing (also called retargeting) allows marketers to target individuals who have already expressed interest by being exposed to or interacting with the brand. This brand exposure and interaction include seeing a banner ad, visiting brand’s website, typing a search query, or taking an action on the website (such as placing an item in a shopping cart, but not buying it).

Wordego’s remarketing technology keeps users in the brand embrace by following them around the internet with appropriate and custom messaging. For example, when a shoe marketer purchases a remarketed media buy, Wordego will track individuals who visit the shoe marketer’s pages. If an individual looks at a pair of shoes but does not buy them, Wordego’s remarketing technology will be able to reach that person again and serve them a reminder ad featuring the shoes they previously viewed with a compelling offer.

According to Microsoft data, companies that leverage remarketing technology – rather than standard display advertising campaigns – have seen as much as 600% lift in response rates.

Remarketing is used by leading software companies and retailers, especially for software and SaaS products, e-commerce, web apps, retail, travel, B2B and consumer electronics.

The biggest advantage of remarketing is that it addresses the vast majority of a marketer’s website visitors: those who don’t opt in or buy. If the average e-commerce site converts 3% of its visitors into customers, remarketing goes after the 97% who leave without taking an action.

The second advantage of remarketing pertains to prospects’ perception of a brand. When a brand’s ads show up everywhere, the prospects can’t help but think that the brand is a bigger player than it actually may be.

Third, remarketing can be used to advance a relationship with existing customers by validating their initial decision to buy from that brand in the first place. Marketers can offer upsells and generate word of mouth advertising by seeming like the “obvious choice” to people who may otherwise forget about the brand.

Fourth, remarketing is often extremely cost-effective because it’s so highly targeted. Marketers tend to get higher conversion rates when advertising in front of people who have already demonstrated an interest in their wares by visiting the brand’s website.

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