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Predictive Targeting Technology

In the past, because data was mostly looked at as historically significant rather than predictive, most data practitioners tended to be more backward looking than forward looking at how to use data. But, for marketing and personalization, it is critical that the data be used in more of a forward looking manner than in looking back. Today, the ability to process data and use it in real time to market to customers is imperative for brands to survive.

Predictive targeting is a subset of predictive analytics which uses big data and machine learning to predict future outcomes based on behavioral patterns seen in historical data.

Wordego’s predictive targeting technology help marketers reach a wider audience beyond they may have identified otherwise using limited data or intuition. Wordego uses predictive targeting to identify and target new prospects with ads based on what is known about a company’s existing customers or visitors.

With predictive targeting, campaigns can target audience segments based on a huge number of behavioral signals, ads can be personalized to be more relevant in the context of the user, and bids can be optimized based on user data - all faster and with higher success rates than humans can manually.

Wordego’s predictive targeting approach can anticipate which user might respond to an ad based on a number of different attributes. As with any machine learning based system, Wordego predictive targeting technology requires large amounts of data for its model to keep training and learning. The more data the system can pool across users and/or advertisers, the faster and better the model can learn and drive higher performance by more accurately identifying users that are most likely to convert.

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