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Contextual Targeting Technology

Contextual targeting is a technology which uses artificial intelligence to define and understand content-rich websites and match them with targeted category, content or keywords, so as to show up related ads as per the content of the web pages. Contextual targeting allows marketers to target individuals who are viewing web pages containing relevant or desirable content.

Wordego uses proprietary contextual targeting (Text Mining) technology to match and display category, content or keyword-targeted ads on websites within the Wordego Publisher Network.

Wordego enables advertisers to show ads only on the web pages that are relevant to their target audience’s interests or their product features, and thus allows them to save on advertising budget while increasing the return of their ad investments.

Wordego’s contextual targeting technology provides users with ads about a subject that is of particular interest to them. Wordego understands the content of the web pages in real time and delivers the most relevant ads to the visitors as they navigate through the internet. The high degree of an ad’s content relevancy promises the potential for a higher click-through rate and an increase in sales and profitability.

Contextual targeting better suits advertisers focused on performance and cost-efficient conversions, since ads provide useful information to readers and attract an audience with an established interest in the advertiser’s message.

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