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Behavioral Targeting Technology

Behavioral targeting is a very powerful technique to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Wordego’s behavioral targeting technology segments consumers based on observed and measured online data, including pages or sites that users visit, content examined, search inquiries entered, and ads clicked. This data is then combined with the time, length and frequency of the site visit, to select which advertisements to display to that individual. With this knowledge, Wordego targets more appropriate advertisements that have a higher likelihood of being clicked through.

Behavioral targeting is about reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Wordego’s behavioral targeting technology offers many potential benefits.

Advertisers can use behavioral targeting to increase the acquisition of new customers, cross-sell different categories of products, up-sell to higher value purchases, and retain and increase the frequency of purchases. Behavioral targeting provides advertisers to show ads in respect to existing or potential customers’ actions on the web pages, and thus stay on their minds and affect their decision making processes.

Behavioral targeting is also a very attractive tool for publishers due to its targeting capabilities. From publishers’ point of view, behavioral targeting commands a higher eCPM than untargeted inventory or other forms of targeting, and provides a better user experience in terms of relevancy.

Combining Wordego’s behavioral targeting technology with it’s contextual, location, and predictive targeting technology leads to further insights and more highly targeted advertisements, leading to higher marketing success rates for advertisers and higher ad revenues for publishers.

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