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Wordego Ad Exchange is the highest quality self-service programmatic advertising marketplace with unique display and coupon advertising solutions. We provide prioritized access to our advertisers with direct publisher relationships and innovative buying models. Get started with Wordego today, and manage and optimize your advertising campaigns on one full-featured platform!

Unique Advertising Models

Generate more sales and profitability, optimize ad spending, and drive value across your marketing campaigns with Wordego’s unique display and coupon advertising models.

Programmatic Branding

Take your branding campaign global by leveraging the power of programmatic display and coupon advertising with excellent targeting and customization capabilities.

Cross-Device Ad Serving

Take the guesswork out of cross-device campaigns by creating a single and seamless audience profile ready to receive your message no matter what device your message reaches them on.

Unique Ad Inventory

Gain access to more than fifty million global customers with unique display and coupon ad inventory only available to Wordego on thousands of publishers.

Real-Time Control

Control campaigns and target customers in real-time with tools that let you set targeting, change bids, measure, and optimize results.

Customer Journey

Identify, track, and engage with customers throughout their web journey with powerful tools that give you maximum control and efficiency.

Audience Engagement

Connect with your audiences where they are most engaged, emotionally receptive and inclined to act. Deliver the right ad, at the right moment, to the right audience.

Customer Engagement

Re-engage with customers throughout their path to purchase, with tailored display and coupon ads delivered across the world’s best publishers.

Visitor Engagement

Drive more sales from visitors who leave your website without making a purchase. Bring your potential customers back with personalized offers, delivered at just the right time and in the right format.

New Audience Discovery

Discover new audiences easily by leveraging our powerful targeting tools to extend your reach and tap into previously hard-to-discover opportunities.

Coupon Advertising

Get insights about your potential customers with Wordego’s unique coupon ads, and pay only for customer information or coupon redemptions.

Creative Management

Take advantage of our powerful real-time and self-service creative tools to rapidly create and modify your creative assets for maximum impact and relevancy.

Rich Media Display & Coupon Ads

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive rich media display and coupon ad formats, and Wordego’s unique advertising models for high impact results.

Native Advertising

Give your ads the look and feel of the content they appear alongside for higher engagement and strong brand association.

Anti-Fraud & Brand Safety

Gain instant access to desktop and mobile inventory on thousands of publishers, while our extensive suite of brand safety tools keeps you safe and makes sure you only pay for exactly the inventory you want.

Why Choose Wordego Ad Exchange

The complexity of modern advertising campaigns requires a full suite of tools which allow you to identify, track and engage with your audience across a wide range of cross-devices. Wordego Ad Exchange provides you the industry’s most complete full-stack offering, including an integrated collection of self-service tools and unique display and coupon adverting models tailored to your evolving needs.

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