About Us

Wordego Inc.

Wordego is an advertising technology company, providing a full scope of digital advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers.

Wordego provides a comprehensive, transparent, and independent programmatic ad exchange platform that brings advertisers and publishers together, and enables automated transaction of the advertising inventory.

Wordego’s innovative technology helps increase the volume and effectiveness of digital advertising, by improving the return on advertising investment for advertisers and maximizing advertising revenue for publishers.

Founded in 2012 by a small group of engineers in a technopark, Wordego has become a key player in the digital advertising industry.

Why Choose Wordego Ad Exchange

Openness and Transparency

We have built the most open and transparent advertising technology platform on the market. Our platform enables the real-time exchange of high volumes of advertising in a transparent marketplace that in turn enables publishers to match advertisers’ campaigns with their advertising inventory.

Optimized Efficieny

Our platform provides greater coverage of all websites and mobile applications and attracts all types of advertisers, by giving them the ability to fulfill their audience needs in a more cost-effective manner while optimizing the price at which publishers’ inventory is sold.

Unique Targeting Technologies

Our unique targeting technologies associated with our sophisticated data processing and detailed analytics capabilities, boost the consumer-ad interaction on the websites and thus provide higher investment returns for advertisers and higher advertising revenues for publishers.

Key Role in Advertising Ecosystem

Our integration with leading global buyers and sellers of advertising and the benefits we provide to them gives us a key role in the online advertising ecosystem. As a result, we have historically been highly successful in retaining our clients and growing our seller base.

Key Applications for Advertisers

Advertisers leverage our applications to access a large audience and to purchase advertising inventory based on their key criteria. These applications help streamline advertisers' purchasing operations and increase the efficiency of their spending and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Key Applications for Publishers

We have direct relationships and integrations with the publishers on our platform. Our publisher user interface offers key time saving features and reporting and analytics capabilities that help publishers optimize the use of our platform to fit their needs.

Positive User Experience

Our platform helps protect consumer interests and promotes a favorable user experience for consumers by proactively enforcing quality standards across advertisers and publishers. We maintain industry-leading quality standards for all advertising transacted on our platform.

Think Global, Act Local

We deliver local service with a global footprint as one of the world's leading private and independent advertising technology companies. We provide unique consultancy and roll-out services that our clients love and trust, with a support team online 24/7.

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