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Wordego Privacy Policy

Wordego Privacy Policy is an inseparable part of the Wordego Online Programs Usage Terms and Conditions. Before you register to attend any of the Wordego Online Programs, please read the Wordego Privacy Policy clauses carefully. Registering and attending any of the Wordego Online Programs, means that you have accepted the Wordego Privacy Policy clauses, and the legal rights and obligations born from this policy.

If you don't accept the clauses of the Wordego Privacy Policy, please do not register or attend any of the Wordego Online Programs.

1. Introduction

We want you to clearly know how we use your information gathered during your registration and/or attending to the WORDEGO PROGRAMs, and how you can protect your privacy.

2. How Do We Use the Information We Gather?

2.1. We use the information we gather through all services within the WORDEGO PROGRAMs; to provide, maintain, protect and enhance our services, to develop new services, and to protect both WORDEGO and our PROGRAM participants. We also use these information to provide contents special to you, like more relevant SEARCH results and ADs.
2.2. We may use the ACCOUNT owner, user name, e-mail and address information that you have provided for your WORDEGO ACCOUNT, in all our services that requires a WORDEGO ACCOUNT. Besides, we may change your previous records linked to your WORDEGO ACCOUNT, to have you registered with up-to-date information in all our services.
2.3. When you contact WORDEGO, we may keep record of all your communication logs with the aim of helping to resolve the problems you might be facing. We may use your e-mail address to give you information about the transactions on your ACCOUNT and send you our announcement and promotion messages.
2.4. We use the information gathered through cookies or other technologies, to improve user experience and to enhance the general quality of our services.
2.5. We may combine the personal information in a specific WORDEGO service, with the information (including your personal information) in other WORDEGO services.
2.6. We ask for your permission prior to using the information, except for the purposes that have been stated in this PRIVACY POLICY.
2.7. WORDEGO may process personal information in servers located in many countries around the world. We may process your personal information in a server located in a country other than you reside in.

3. Accessing and Updating Your Personal Information

3.1. We aim to provide you to reach your personal information every time you use our services. If these information are wrong, we do our best to help you update or delete them fast (unless we don't have to keep them due to an eligible purpose about operations or legal purposes). When updating your personal information, we may ask you to validate your ID first, before meeting your request.
3.2. We may decline requests which are unreasonably repeated, requiring disproportional technical effort, endangering the privacy of others or extremely hard in other ways.
3.3. When we can provide the possibility to access and edit information, excluding those require disproportional level of effort, we do that for free. We try to manage our services in a way to protect them against any accidental or malevolent destruction. Therefore, after you delete your information from our services, we may not delete the remaining copies of them from our active servers, and we may not remove these information from our backup systems.

4. Information We Share

We do not share personal information with companies, organizations and people outside WORDEGO. Any situation stated below is an exception for this rule:
4.1. In case you give permission;
(a) If we get your permission to do this, we share your personal information with companies, organizations or people outside WORDEGO.
4.2. To process them externally;
(a) Based on the instructions in the PRIVACY POLICY and other valid privacy and security precautions, we give the personal information to subsidiaries or other reliable organizations or people to process them on our behalf.
4.3. For legal reasons;
(a) We share your personal information with companies, organizations or people outside WORDEGO, if we truly believe in good faith that the access, use, protection or disclosure of information is reasonably necessary in the following situations:
(i) Meeting applicable laws, executions, legal processes or formal obligatory demands.
(ii) Applying valid service conditions, including researches for possible violations.
(iii) Identifying, preventing or solving fraud, security issues and technical problems.
(iv) Protecting rights, property or security of WORDEGO, our users or the public, in the ways that laws require or permit.
(v) We may share the indiscrete and personally unidentifiable information publicly and with people and organizations that we cooperate (such as PUBLISHERs, ADVERTISERs, business partners, employers and linked web sites). We may share these information publicly in order to show the trends in general usage of our services.
(vi) If WORDEGO merges with another company, acquires a company or dispose its assets, we continue to provide privacy for your personal information and before the personal information is transferred or subject to another PRIVACY POLICY, we notify the users who will be affected from this situation.
4.4. For information security;
(a) We try hard to protect WORDEGO and our users from unauthorized access or unauthorized change, disclosure and destruction of the information we keep.
(b) To protect the systems from unauthorized access, we continually revise our information gathering, storing and processing applications including physical security precautions.
(c) We limit the access to personal information with WORDEGO employees, subcontractors and intermediaries which are supposed to know these information in order to process them for us and subject to strict obligations through privacy contracts.

5. Validity Extent

5.1. PRIVACY POLICY is valid for all services provided by WORDEGO and its subsidiaries.
5.2. PRIVACY POLICY is not valid for information or ADs shown in the SEARCH results, web sites which may contain WORDEGO services, and information, products and services provided by other companies and individuals.

6. Execution

6.1. We go through on a regular basis whether the PRIVACY POLICY is being complied or not. We also apply a large number of self-control principles. When we receive a formal complaint message, we get in contact with the complainant to follow the subject. We collaborate with the official authority to resolve all problems about the transfer of personal information, in case we cannot resolve it directly with our users.

7. Changes

7.1. The PRIVACY POLICY may change from time to time. We do not make any restriction on your rights under this PRIVACY POLICY, without receiving your clear permission. We publish the changes in the PRIVACY POLICY on this page, and if the changes are important, we provide a more remarkable notification (such as sending an e-mail concerning the changes in PRIVACY POLICY for certain services). We also keep previous versions of this PRIVACY POLICY, so that you can review them later.

January 1st, 2017